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Is the EwB Course for me?

Our Office courses have been designed for lay people and assumes no technical knowledge whatsoever. The course follows a practical path, stripping out features that our experts deems to be of relatively little use.

How long do I have access to the Courses?

You have 12 months' 24/7 access to the courses from the day you register on our site.

What format is the Course material delivered in?

All our services are delivered online here. The courses are accessed from your personal myEwB account which is made available to you on purchase. The course materials are delivered through beautifully produced text-based PDFs, interactive and practical exercises, instructive videos and business-ready templates. This holistic, time-efficient and manageable learning system is designed to give you very practical results quickly.

How much time does it take to complete the courses?

Though there are over a hundred hours of learning materials, the diagnostic tool for each course makes it possible to complete what you need from each course in a fraction of the time.

Is the course Mac friendly?

For Excel, Yes! There are full versions of the course text and exercises for the 2008 and 2011 Mac versions of Excel. We also have an Excel for Mac specific version of the test available. Mac 2011 videos are also available, and most of this functionality applies to the 2008 version too.

For Word and PowerPoint, unfortunately the course doesn't cater for the Mac versions.

How long on average does it take to complete the course?

It takes the average user 75 hours to complete the course. Of course this varies and those 75 hours might be completed in a single week or over a matter of months.

Can I print any of the Course material for my own use or to read offline?

Yes. All our written material is currently available to read offline through PDF downloads. You are not, however, permitted to distribute this material as per the Terms and Conditions of any purchase with us.

Are there certificates?

Yes, a certificate of completion is issued once you have completed all of a course's units which may be used for Continued Professional Development (CPD) in IT purposes.

How can I track my improvement as a result of learning particular units?

The exercises vary in difficulty. If after completing a unit you are able to successfully complete an Exercise then you will certainly be well prepared in that unit. You can also check to see if you’ve improved by asking colleagues about your general knowledge and work.

What's covered?

Take a look at the Syllabus page for more information about what each of the three Office courses cover.

Is your payment system secure?

Yes. We use PayPal and we are one of their verified customers. PayPal is one of the world’s safest and most prominent internet payment systems.

Is there any additional support?

Our written guides, videos and exercises have been very carefully put together. At times there might be something that we have either missed or that you in particular are stuck on, in which case, you can look through our support section or open a new ticket.  Support can be easily access at any time through the support tab in the menu at the top of this site. Please note that all queries must be related to the Course material or to our general service. We are not able to deal with off-topic queries.  If you need to email us with a query to do with the course materials, then a resolution can often be reached more quickly by stating which course you are having problems with and what version of Excel (PC 2003, 2007, 2010; Mac 2008, 2011), Word (PC 2007 or 2010) and/or PowerPoint (PC 2007 or 2010)

Can I get a discount for bulk purchases?

If you wish to purchase EwB Courses in bulk we can offer a discount, please send all order requests to sales@excelwithbusiness.com.

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What shall I do if I have a problem with my Groupon voucher?

If you need to contact us regarding your voucher, could you please enclose or attach the Groupon voucher within the email in order to help us assist you faster.

How are you able to use Microsoft trademarks on your sites?

Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Office are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation and used with permission from Microsoft.

How many times can I take each of the EwB tests?

Each course's test can be taken twice. We advise that you take one test at the very outset of your learning, so that you can see what level you currently are. Then, having spent some time working through most/all of the learning materials, you may want to take the second test to see how much you have improved by. Very few other courses give you an objective and scientific means by which to measure your learning.

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